Each package will contain installation instructions on how to install the handlebars.  If there are any further installation questions, please give us a call.


This picture shows the side arm.  If you have trouble getting this to fit over the steering post tube, loosen the front screws a little that hold this arm on.  After it's on, re-tighten everything.


The handlebars come with a wiring harness that has an in-line fuse.  The end of the harness is bare, stripped wires.  These wires can be wired into any 12V source that puts out 5 amps.  There are a few options we sell for wiring accessories -see below.    You've probably noticed we have done more R&D on a Polaris sled than other brands.  Polaris has a factory installed "accessory plug" tucked directly behind the gages in the hood on most models.  These 2 prong plugs hook directly to the accessory plug. This accessory plug can be found on most Polaris machines, Arctic Cat, and Yamaha.  For Ski-doo, we recommend one of the two plugs we sell.   We were also told by a Polaris dealership to swap the 2 amp fuse with a 5 amp fuse in the black, velcro fuse bag above your clutch.  Please check with your dealer to see if this would void your warranty or if they recommend it.  Also offered is a 12V power plug if your sled has a port to plug it in.  These  options make for a quick install.

 2 Prong Plug:                                                                                                                                                 12 volt Power Plug:

 Ski-Doo ONLY accessory plug:



Ski-doo GEN 4 only Accessory Plug install video by Grip N Rip Racing: